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Endurance Forge

High Performance
Endurance Coaching & Consulting

Leveraging years of training, racing, coaching experience, and advanced education Endurance Forge was founded in 2022 to bridge the gap between science and real-world performance. 

What we do: High-Performance Coaching

Our Mission: Use our expertise to guide cyclists, runners, and triathletes to improve performance and reach their potential while balancing health, longevity in sport, and enjoyment.

Athletes today have unprecedented access to information. Yet, without education and experience it can be difficult to identify sound training, nutrition, and performance information from the vast amount of clickbait, pseudoscience, and social media fads on the internet. 


A quick google or social media search for training and nutrition topics returns sensational titles such as "The Best Workout to Increase Your Lactate Threshold" or "The Top Nutrition Mistake Endurance Athletes Make" or the classic "Secrets to...X, Y, Z." In reality, there is no magic workout, one nutrition plan, etc. and the proper answer to many training, nutrition, and recovery questions is "it depends."


Decades of scientific research and data on elite and non-elite athletes have outlined general training, nutrition, and recovery principles that can be applied to bring out your best. However, each athlete is referred to in the scientific community as an n of 1, meaning that each athlete is unique. This is especially true with athletes who in addition to training and recovery have numerous responsibilities competing for their attention and time such as school, work, family, social commitments, etc.


Therefore, these scientific principles must be adjusted and applied based on each athlete's goals, abilities, and constantly changing needs.


Whether your sport is cycling, running, or triathlon, Endurance Forge has the knowledge and experience to improve your performance and help you reach your potential.

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